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Inspired by the mindfulness programmes attended around the world including France, India, Taiwan and Thailand, our Founder Ying Ying aims to help children learn to calm their bodies and minds. She believe that Music greatly nourishes one’s mind, heart and soul, hence it perfectly acts as a bridge to connect to mindfulness. 

Mindful Music Studio is dedicated to enhance the musical experience for children through integrating mindfulness with music learning. Mindfulness in Music evokes positivity and can be loads of fun!


Music in the soul can be heard by the universe.

— Lao Tzu

Ying Ying


Ying Ying has a strong passion for music since childhood and plays the Violin, Pipa and Piano. She holds a Diploma and ABRSM Grade 8 in her instruments, and Grade 8 in Music Theory. During her schooling years, she frequently performs with the orchestra, even overseas as well. 

Being actively involved in mindfulness retreats worldwide, she greatly advocates the combination of mindful practices with music learning for a holistic musical learning experience. 

She aspires to share the joy of making music and instill music appreciation with mindfulness so that the children gain mind-body awareness and ignites their creativity. She is committed to inspire and touch the lives of children and help them realise their potential in their musical journey.

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